39 Years! We ride 10-19-23! Meet at the lodge at 3 pm!

The last 39! years have seen a lot of friends, food and few game animals--but alas, this website is a living history of all that has happened (and supposedly happened) in all these years. It is our hope (the Smith Boys) that the traditions started by our father will live on through our children and our friends' children. The initial concept for hunting camp was to "get some time with my boys." 38 years later and 17 years since we lost our founder, we all still tell all the stories, rumors and BS with the same fervor that has brought all of us back year after year. Its a magical time that began with a man who wanted nothing more than to be around his family--the blood kind or otherwise. So if you are in this page then you know--welcome home, put another log on the fire and if the cards come out--"and a quarter....."

We all miss you Pops, we'll save you a spot at the fire.

L-R Eric, Darrell, Cassidy, Dan, Conor, Lane, Alex and Caitlin.
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This website is dedicated to Pops. He started it, so it's his fault.