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Thursday:  Sam I Am's KC Certified Chili! -- Sam T.

Hush Puppies (Or more than likely Cornbread) w/whipped Honey Butter Bristal and Uncle Mark


Friday Breakfast: Teepee Tippin Eggs, Bacon and French Missionary Toast with Arlee's Version of an Apéritif--the humble Mimosa. The EBT Tribe.


Dodge Guy Donuts!


Friday Night Fights:  Get Ready to RUMBLE! (Especially the next day) It's our FIRST EVER eating contest! Grab your salsa people! It's a Taco Eating Contest! $300 Winner Takes All. Side bets will be arranged by Bob K!


For the non-participants The Smith Clan (not Clam) Will have a--Taco Bar! Team #4


To heighten the excitement (and provide headaches for opening day) The Robinson Racing Stables are hosting a Margarita Bar!!!! 


Rounding out the night (pun intended) to put the fire out...Homemade Ice Cream Sandwiches--Turdbird (4.2) 


Saturday Breakfast: "We are almost out of Busch Lite already" Biscuits and Gravy--Rob's Mom (In Absentia) heated up by Derek and Rob (And whomever else Derek can get to do his job) 


Caturday Night: "We are all Montana! Just some of us get to Raise the Flag" Smoked (55-21) Alfredo, Black an BLUE Meatloaf and Butternut Squashed Again Soup, Eric, Doug and RLane--respectively.We are winners after all. 


Robinson's Racing Stables Remember they signed up for dessert--dessert. RRS.


Sunday Breakfast: "Who has More Gray Hair" Breakfast. Walkabout Bob and the Ward of the State Mark H.


Sunday Dinner: "I used a Hammer" Stuffed Pork Loin with "I don't inhale" Twice Baked....Potatoes. With Gravy. Just in case the pork is as dry as Doug's Humor. The Hammer Clan as commanded by the CSC


"Crack The Whip And Call Me Madame" Miracle Whip Cake, Laurie S. 


Monday Breakfast:  Snapchat Filtered Chicken and Waffles--The GenZ/A Group Chat --Admins: Bristal and Conor (With and assist from the Skinny Jeans Twins) 


Monday Dinner: "Your Tax Dollars at Work" MRE Buffet. Yes, your read the right. Bromance 2.0 


Wyatt's Wild West Dessert. AKA; the CSC's Notes Said "Wyatt--dessert"


Tuesday Breakfast: "It's a bird! It's a Plane...nope it's a 6 foot Dick" Steak and Eggs AND MAYBE hashbrowns. Robinson Racing Stables


Tuesday Dinner: "Team Cream, The Broadway Musical" (As opposed to the PPV one in Hotels) present, well I can't make this up.....Stroganoff. Mic Drop. The Kruse's!


"I won't forget" Bread Pudding w/Rum Sauce--Also the Kruse's 


Wednesday Breakfast:  "Team Cream, the Sequel" Eggs Benedict --Odin K.


Wednesday Dinner:  "I was thinking about your Mom the whole time" Fish Tacos. Darrell S

."On the Wagon" Deep Fried....something. (He has to ask Rob's mom)


 Thursday Breakfast: Eric and Darrell Use 15 lbs of Taco Meat,   8 unopened MRE's, 8 dozen Eggs, and Uncle Dick's unopened Hashbrowns. He did say MAYBE. 

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